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The UK’s Top 10 Neighbourhood Faves are revealed!

Founder of TAG Drinks Hovig with his team celebrating their win.
Written by Alice Skeats

Nextdoor announces the Top 10 Winners of its first local business awards, Neighbourhood Faves.

Last month, we asked neighbours all across the UK to vote for their most loved local businesses as part of Neighbourhood Faves, our first local business awards.

Over 770,000 votes were cast from neighbours for their Fave local businesses across categories such as Restaurants and Pubs, Local Shops, Brunch and Coffee and Pet Services to name a few. The votes have now been counted and the official UK Top 10 Neighbourhood Faves most-loved by locals across are: 

Each of the winners above will be featured on Nextdoor’s Discover Map, have access to digital tools including a new Fave trophy badge for their business, and receive up to a year of free advertising on Nextdoor to help promote their local business further.   

We caught up with Hovig Yardim, the Founder of TAG Drinks and the winner of the Brunch and Coffee category, to find out what the win means for him and his business in Hillingdon, London. Hovig tells us, “It’s phenomenal to receive this recognition. Our team’s dedication and overwhelming local support make every early start and late evening worthwhile. The team is the heart and soul of the space and we really take pride in creating a positive atmosphere for our customers.

Neighbourhood Faves Winner and owner of Hawthorn Property Services, Douglas Brown, shared with us: “I am so grateful for this win. Being a new business, it’s validating to see that you can compete with other businesses through the support of your community. Nextdoor has been the main driver for business for me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

Research by Nextdoor earlier this year revealed that over three-quarters (76%) of Brits trust recommendations from their neighbours over online searches and flyers when looking for small businesses, demonstrating the importance of local recommendations to a business’s success and longevity. 

If you own or work for a local business and want to expand your presence in the local community, then create your free local business page on Nextdoor today. Create your page now.

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