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2024 Good Neighbour Awards | Meet our Neighbour of the Year Winner – Lugbir ‘ Mick’ Singh – Wyken, Coventry

Mick Singh | Neighbour of the Year
Written by Simon

This year we received nearly 2000 nominations across our 2024 Good Neighbour Awards. Stories of neighbourliness, generosity and random acts of kindness that have improved the lives of many in neighbours. This year’s recipient of Neighbour of the Year Award, received a staggering 34 separate nominations from their community.

The 2024 Good Neighbour Award winner for Neighbour of the Year, is:
Lugbir ‘Mick’ Singh – Wyken, Coventry

Nominating Mick, one neighbour wrote

I nominate Mick Singh for the good neighbour award, this man is a true gentleman and an has amazing soul full of empathy and care. — He goes above and beyond to help people not only on here but also in the community. #2024GoodNeighbour

Mick Singh started volunteering as a young boy while on his paper rounds, he’d help his neighbours with any day-to-day tasks and his volunteering hasn’t stopped since. From surprising neighbours with a bottle of their favourite perfume to taking terminally ill children to Disney World in Florida, Mick loves making a difference and keeping the community happy, no matter how big or small.

Lugbir 'Mick' Singh

Mick turned to Nextdoor when the cost-of-living crisis hit as a way to reach the wider community. He started by posting a simple question, asking neighbours about their favourite drink, as a way to get his community talking, he said, “Nextdoor binds the community together and they make friends amongst themselves”.

After choosing a winner at random from the comments, Mick surprised a neighbour at his doorstep with a bottle of his favourite tipple and chocolates. He’s since used the platform to gift bottles of perfume and is looking forward to organising trips and holidays – anything and everything to make the community smile! On receiving the Good Neighbourhood Award nominations, Mick said “I’m overwhelmed and quite shocked, the comments were amazing, but I don’t do it for that, I just want to make a difference”.

Mick also regularly travels into Coventry city centre, heading towards the Lady Godiva clock area where he gives food and basic essentials to Coventry’s homeless community who reside their. Beloved by his neighbourhood and the city of Coventry broadly, who could wish for a better neighbour.

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