Good Neighbourhood Awards

Good Neighbourhood Awards 2022 – Winner of the Local Business of the Year Award

Written by Roisin O'Neill

Nextdoor’s annual Good Neighbourhood Awards are all about celebrating the incredible efforts neighbours, community groups and businesses go to, to help others and make our neighbourhoods better places to live.

This year’s winner of the Local Business of the Year award is Depher (Disability and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair) CIC. Founded in 2017 by plumber, James Anderson, Depher CIC has since helped more than two million people across the Lancashire area and around the UK to get free heating and hot water in their homes. At a time when we see energy prices rising and families struggling to make ends meet, businesses like Depher CIC are critical to communities.

James is incredibly passionate about using his skills to help others, he and his team build close relationships with the disabled and elderly community so that Depher can reach those in need of assistance and provide lifesaving support in their everyday lives.

Depher doesn’t stop at heating and hot water. They also order food from supermarkets to keep food on the table in homes around the country, put money in the bank to help families clear their debt and enlist the support of contractors in their network to help with odd jobs too. James just this week helped a family in Northern Ireland who urgently needed assistance with their energy bills. Due to ongoing financial difficulties the family also had run out of food, so as a result, Depher cleared the bills for the family and ensured they have food provided by Asda for the next month.

It is this sort of commitment which has attracted the attention of actor, Hugh Grant who has donated over £50,000 to Depher to support its important community work.

On the award win, Depher CIC founder, James Anderson said:

“Winning the Nextdoor award is incredibly humbling. No one should have to choose between eating or heating and through recognition such as this means we can support even more people no matter where they are in the country.’’

At Nextdoor, we believe neighbourhoods thrive when local businesses thrive, so we are delighted to announce Depher CIC and promote their inspiring community work. Congratulations team Depher CIC!

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