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Local business drives awareness through Nextdoor

Written by Roisin O'Neill

Steven Murdoch developed his advanced clinical massage training at the Jing Institute in Brighton, specifically to help people with chronic pain. Early in 2020, the pandemic lockdowns led Steven to adapt his clinical massage therapy for local customers. He set up a treatment room at his home in Palmers Green, North London and created a Nextdoor business page to drive awareness of his specific services and gain local customers. We chatted to him about how he grew his local business Steven Murdoch Clinical Massage on Nextdoor.

How have you used Nextdoor to grow your business?

“I was already using Nextdoor as a neighbour to connect with my local community so I knew about business pages and decided to set one up once I had my treatment place sorted.”

“It was a difficult time to establish a business due to lockdown, but being on Nextdoor really helped. It was an excellent way to target the local community, 20% of my clients have come directly from Nextdoor.”

How do you connect with your customers on Nextdoor?

“I make use of the two free business posts on my business account to share knowledge and tips on wellbeing with the local community. I also create awareness of what chronic pain is about and I talk about different ideas on what we can do to calm pain signals.”

“During lockdown, I used Nextdoor’s Local Deals to offer free video consultations during lockdown and recently have moved to offer discounts. All of this helps to raise my profile in the local area.”

What would you say to other businesses who are thinking of joining Nextdoor?

“Do it! You won’t regret it. My experience of the local community is that they want to support local businesses. Nextdoor is an easy, cost-effective way of communicating with your local target audience.”

“Get some good images on your business page. Post regularly, use the two free posts a month and get some good content on there. Try and grow your recommendations and experiment with Local Deals.”

What does community mean for your business?

“My local community is vital to my business”.

“I live in Palmers Green, my business is in my home, so being able to advertise to both neighbours and potential customers is really significant. Nextdoor is opening people’s minds to opportunities to engage with you as a professional in your field as well as a neighbour”.

If you have a local business and want to start connecting with your local customers, visit our dedicated page for local businesses here.

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