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Good Neighbour Awards 2018 – Upton-with-Fishley

Written by Alice Skeats

Earlier this year, Nextdoor launched the Good Neighbour Awards to find the UK’s best neighbours who are changing lives and going above and beyond to help their neighbourhoods and communities.

Out of hundreds of nominations, five well deserved neighbours were crowned the winners of Nextdoor’s Good Neighbour Awards 2018.

One of the winners was in fact an entire community in Norfolk. The rural village of Upton-with-Fishley, which sits just 20 odd miles outside of Norwich, were nominated by Nextdoor neighbour Ruth Warner for the kindness, generosity and support they provided when Ruth and her husband fell ill.

Just before Christmas, Ruth’s husband suffered a heart attack and then the very next day Ruth fell and fractured her ankle.

Living in a small rural village with virtually no public transport they were left very isolated. However, Ruth’s neighbourhood came to the rescue. The neighbours came together to look after the couple, helping with their shopping, taking them to appointments, picking up their prescriptions, and even taking the dog for a walk. The local village pub, which is in fact owned by the community, even popped round with fish and chips on a Friday.

When Ruth saw the Nextdoor’s Good Neighbour Awards she knew she wanted to recognise and reward her neighbours but couldn’t pick just one… and so she nominated the entire village.

The village of Upton-with-Fishley – proud winners of the Good Neighbour Awards 2018

The village chose they wanted their prize to give back to the community and so they settled on an owl box from the local Hawk and Owl Trust with a special plaque dedicated to them all which was recently put up in the village. The whole neighbourhood, young and old, came together to celebrate the occasion and watch the owl box placed in its new home. The local paper in Norfolk, the Eastern Daily Press, covered the story with a lovely feature, which you can read online.

Upton-with-Fishley is the first profile in our Good Neighbour Award series. Keep an eye on our blog to find out more about our four other winners.

If you have a good neighbour story to share with us then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch.

The owl box being fitted into place

Neighbours watching the owl box being fitted


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