Meet the Team

Meet the Team Round 2! This week – Alex

Written by Max Chambers

Alex joined Nextdoor last year as Community Manager, and was part of the team that helped to launch Nextdoor in the UK.

What made you want to work for Nextdoor?

I joined Nextdoor because I believe in the spirit of community. I think everyone can benefit from getting to know your neighbours a little better. And I love maps!

Favourite Nextdoor moment so far?

Getting to meet some of our lovely Founding Members at our recent 6 month anniversary.


The team meeting up with some of our fantastic founding members

Alex and the team meeting up with some Nextdoor founding members

Tell us about your neighbourhood…

I live in a leafy suburb of Dublin, after living in South East London and Brighton for four years. I live close to the Botanic Gardens and a historic cemetery. There are strong community organisations who have really taken ownership of the civic development and heritage of the area, which is fantastic. Some parts are not the most scenic, but the big hearted, volunteer community effort really shines through.

I have good friends living just next door and they have kids the same age. It’s like a little commune and has made moving to the area so easy. Having lived in places where I haven’t known my neighbours, I really value that connection.

One of my favourite neighbourhood moments has been trick or treating with the local kids at Halloween. There’s always a giant gang of parents and kids who take turns to call on the many people who have decorated their houses. There’s often a party or two where everyone from the neighbourhood is welcome and it’s fun to meet your neighbours, even when dressed up as a vampire or a ghost.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the suburbs and have remained firm friends with the people I grew up with. It was a terraced street with a big lane out the back, where the kids could climb trees, play football and get up to no good, in relative peace. It was quite near the sea and I find I miss the sea air, if away for too long. I’d like my children to be able to enjoy the same freedom and security that comes from neighbours watching out for each other.


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