Good Neighbourhood Awards

Good Neighbourhood Awards 2022 – Winner of the Neighbourhood of the Year Award

Written by Roisin O'Neill

Nextdoor’s annual Good Neighbourhood Awards are a chance to recognise the incredible acts of community kindness across UK neighbourhoods and award those going above and beyond. With well over 5,000 entries this year, we can see how neighbours value being able to celebrate the power of coming together and the impact that can have on where you live.

This year’s Neighbourhood of the Year winner is Clewer and Dedworth, in Berkshire which will receive the top prize of £1,000 towards funding a local project! 👏👏👏

Neighbours nominated their neighbourhood for its community-based events that bring people together and the giving spirit felt in the community. When asked what this award would mean to the community, local councillor and resident, Amy Tisi said:

“Clewer and Dedworth has such a strong sense of community and is full of caring people. From Woody’s Café keeping their cuppa’s at 50p, our cheery posties who keep an eye on the elderly through to the local charities who provide food and support for people struggling financially, for the whole community to be recognised in this way is truly amazing.”

Over the past year the Clewer and Dedworth Community Events charitable organisation have hosted a Christmas and Easter Fair and most recently set up a two-day music festival, ‘Rock the Rec.’ With the support of volunteers, the festival saw over 50 craft and artisan stalls as well as a small vegan market – alongside local talent performing. 

A neighbour commented that the event was “something that has never been done before in the area and was a great way to be able to get together locally with neighbours.” The series of events organised has also helped fundraise the community’s first-ever Christmas lights.

This community pride and spirit is reflected further by stories of neighbours paying for planters and maintaining the cemeteries when this was no longer provided by the council. Meanwhile, during the pandemic neighbours left out boxes and baskets outside their homes to collect donations for local food banks – something that still continues today.

Congratulations to the neighbours in Clewer and Dedworth! 🏆🏆🏆

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