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Nextdoor launches Help Map and improved Groups to bring neighbours together in this time of need

Written by Alice Skeats

As the world faces a very challenging and uncertain time, we have been overwhelmed with the kindness, generosity and support neighbours have shown one another on Nextdoor all across the UK. 

From offering to cook meals, delivering shopping and walking the dog, neighbours have come together to boost community spirit in this time of need.

Nextdoor was built to bring people together which is essential in times of need and so we’ve launched a new feature, inspired by the outpouring of kindness from our members, to help neighbours even more and when it really matters the most.

The new Help Map is an interactive map of your neighbourhood, where you can mark yourself as someone who is available to help out and support a neighbour in need. 

With neighbours all across the UK raising their hands to offer help to those that need it during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Help Map allows you to see your neighbourhood and the people available to help. Nextdoor members can add themselves to the map detailing the errands or support they can provide to elderly and vulnerable neighbours or those at risk. Those who need help can visit the map to see who in their immediate and nearby neighbourhoods is offering help and send a private message.

Our Groups feature has been really popular to help coordinate volunteer efforts and donations across neighbourhoods. Groups are a great way to share information, provide virtual support and stay engaged whilst we spend less time outside with others. Anyone can be invited to a group, even if they aren’t currently on Nextdoor. You can read how to create a group on Nextdoor here.

As we practice social distancing and isolate ourselves at home to protect our health and the health of our friends, family and neighbours, we still need each other. Nextdoor will continue to be here helping you stay connected with your neighbours, to help, support and make positive change.

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