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How Nextdoor is ensuring neighbours receive accurate information 

Written by Alice Skeats

As concern around coronavirus grows, the safety of our members is our top priority. To ensure the information you find on Nextdoor is accurate and up-to-date, we have made several important product updates:

COVID-19 Information Reminder: When you create a post related to COVID-19, a pop-up window will slow you down and encourage you to check that you are reflecting guidance from health officials, such as the NHS or WHO. 

COVID-19 Public Service Carousel: We have aggregated posts from our public service partners into “carousels” at the top of the feed, so that the information from these trusted sources are easily discoverable. Here we’ll include posts that contain accurate, real-time information from our public service partners, including the NHS, local councils and the police.

Misinformation Reporting: If you believe you see misinformation related to coronavirus, please follow these steps to report it so that our team can review and take the appropriate action.

COVID-19 Search Results: When you search for coronavirus (or other related terms) on Nextdoor, you’ll receive a pop-up announcement that directs you to information from public health officials.

We continue to be inspired every day by how neighbours are helping each other around the globe. If you’re healthy and able, raise your (figurative) hand for whatever you can. Now more than ever, we need the strength of our local community and neighbours like you. 

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