Why we don’t allow political advertising on Nextdoor

Written by Sarah Friar

At Nextdoor, our purpose is to empower neighbours everywhere to build stronger local communities. Unlike most platforms, our members are brought together by proximity and not by preference. And so, Nextdoor members are more likely to be exposed to people with differing viewpoints. We value this diversity of opinion and think it is needed to bring neighbours together to solve local issues and build community.

With an upcoming general election in the UK next month and numerous elections around the world in 2020, we want to reiterate our longstanding policy of not allowing political advertising on the Nextdoor platform. We have experienced an increasing number of requests for campaign advertising, but feel that discussions about politics should not be influenced by paid advertisements. The authenticity of our neighbourhood conversations should be driven by active, caring participants who each have an equal voice in the neighbourhood.

We will continue to champion conversation around local politics and civic engagement that we see on Nextdoor every day. We have created a set of community guidelines that we believe encourages open and civil dialogue and leads to the best of what happens on our platform and the connections that extend offline. Additionally, we allow organic posting within user-created groups about fundraising and campaign messages and encourage neighbours to utilise Nextdoor Groups to organise around local issues and engage in civic action.

When everyone in a neighbourhood comes together to make changes at a local level, we build stronger local communities. We will keep building Nextdoor to facilitate that. 

Thank you for being a part of our community and our global neighbourhood.

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