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Make this Halloween your best one yet with Nextdoor’s top trick-or-treat tips!

Written by Patrick Grier

For the third year running, we have released our fun and interactive Trick-or-Treat Map for all Nextdoor users to enjoy. 

The Trick-or-Treat Map lets you share your Halloween plans with your neighbours and so is a handy resource for parents and children alike to make the most out of the spookiest time of the year.

You can use our map to plan your trick-or-treating route and find the best streets for treats in your neighbourhood. It’s also a great tool to know which neighbours would rather not be disturbed, allowing you to be aware of who you scare on Halloween night, ensuring a fun and safe night for all.

If you’re not already involved, sign up here to join in the fun: 

To ensure a safe Halloween is had for all, here are Nextdoor’s top trick-or-treat tips for a safe Halloween – so eat, drink, & be scary.

  • Have a route planned

Make sure to stick to well-lit areas and stay around the streets that you know. And of course, a great way to check what houses are giving out treats is Nextdoor’s Trick-or-Treat Map. Not only does it show all houses that are giving out treats in your neighbourhood, but it also pinpoints any houses in your area who are not taking part in Halloween!

  • Don’t go out alone 

All young children should be accompanied by an adult, and if older groups of children are planning on going trick-or-treating, make sure that you’ve discussed their planned route with them and warned them of the consequences of becoming involved in antisocial behaviour.

  • Make sure you can be seen

Many costumes can be dark in colour, making it hard for you to be spotted by traffic. Take a torch with you and if possible add reflective strips to your costume to make sure you can be seen. If you are driving be mindful of trick and treaters in your area and reduce your speed.

  • Be considerate and respect people’s choice not to take part in Halloween

Whilst trick-or-treating can be a fun activity, not everyone celebrates Halloween or is planning on handing out treats. Some people, particularly if elderly or vulnerable, may be distressed by strangers knocking at their door after dark. As a general rule, do not approach houses that don’t have lit pumpkins outdoors or Halloween decorations up. Be sure to avoid any house that has a ‘Sorry… No trick or treat this Halloween’ poster up, or who has marked themselves as not participating on the Nextdoor Trick-or-Treat Map.

  • Ensure costumes are safe 

When buying a Halloween costume, check the label to ensure it’s flame-resistant and be sure to give lit pumpkins a wide berth. Make sure that any masks or headbands don’t obscure your vision; you don’t want to stumble into the road or another trick-or-treater. 

  • Tricks should be fun 

Although it’s called trick-or-treating, be considerate. Don’t ‘trick’ anyone who is choosing not to take part in Halloween and try to make it enjoyable rather than scary.

With these top tips, we’re sure everyone can have a safe and fangtastic Halloween. Now, let’s have some skele-fun!

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