When neighbours start talking, great things happen – get involved with Loneliness Awareness Week 2019

Written by Patrick Grier

The 17th – 21st June 2019 marks the third annual Loneliness Awareness Week organised by The Marmalade Trust. This year, Nextdoor has teamed up with the charity to ask neighbours across the UK to join in with the #letstalkloneliness campaign.

Loneliness Awareness Week aims to help remove the stigma around loneliness and to create a society where it’s recognised openly as something likely to affect us all.

Raising awareness is an important part of changing the way we think in order to acknowledge loneliness. Everyone, everywhere should feel comfortable to be able to share that they sometimes feel lonely.

That’s why we’re asking Nextdoor neighbours to get involved to help reduce the stigma. It could start by arranging a meet-up for your community on Nextdoor or posting a conversation in your neighbourhood about loneliness.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. All of these can be posted on Nextdoor to share with your community to get more people involved:

  • Pop the kettle on and invite neighbours over for a cuppa
  • Get together for a street party or community barbecue
  • Arrange a fun run, walk or footy match
  • Host a bake-off competition and at the same time raise money for a chosen charity

Whatever the event, getting together with your neighbours is one step closer to making the world a less lonely place.

Don’t forget to share what you plan to do over Loneliness Awareness Week on the Marmalade Trust’s interactive map showing all of the events across the UK



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