The Big Lunch – enjoy good food and chat with your neighbours

Written by Alice Skeats

This year, Nextdoor and Eden Project Communities are teaming up to get neighbours from across the UK out-and-about for a Big Walk to build up an appetite for The Big Lunch on 3rd June.

Four teams of adventurers started their epic journeys in Morecambe last week and are now walking back to their own neighbourhoods in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to join a Big Lunch on 3rd June. En route they’re visiting some amazing groups and projects that bring people and communities together to make a real difference where they live.

Want to get involved? There are several Big Community Walks you can join on Saturday 26th May, or why not set up your own Walk with your neighbours on Nextdoor? You could choose your local park, a beautiful bit of countryside or perhaps even a nearby beach? Start a post in your neighbourhood, meet new people and step outside for a Big (or mini) Walk!

If a social get together is more your thing, then why not reach out to your local community on Nextdoor to celebrate The Big Lunch on 3rd June. The Big Lunch gives neighbours across the UK a chance to gather in gardens, driveways, streets, parks and shared spaces for good food and good company. It’s a chance to sit down with the people we live alongside but rarely have the time to talk to.

Anyone can take part, whether it’s five people having brunch, or fifty-five people having a BBQ.

So why not find out whether anyone in your neighbourhood is planning a Big Lunch and if not, why not suggest you host one together?

You can use Nextdoor to promote your Big Lunch if it is already planned or if you are about to get stuck in, why not reach out to find volunteers, find your venue or even to decide what dish everyone will bring? The possibilities are endless!

For more handy tips and advice and to get your free Big Lunch planning pack, visit:

Don’t forget – if you want to be featured on our blog or social media channels, then share your Big Lunch stories and photos with us.

The Big Lunch Event in Ketley, Shropshire. From left is Lee Russell, Alex Caddick and Sharon Grant.

Join your neighbours in celebrating the Jubilee in 2022 with a Big Lunch in your neighbourhood, find out more here.

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