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Meet the team! This week – James

Written by Roisin O'Neill


James has joined our UK Neighbourhood Operations and Support team providing our members with help as they join and grow their local Nextdoor neighbourhoods. Welcome, James!

Tell us about your neighbourhood…

I live in Selsdon, which is in South Croydon. My neighbourhood is sat in-between a wooded area and a lively parade of shops and restaurants. It means that, depending on my mood; I can either chill out by going on a run through the woods or join friends and family at the local pub.

One of my favourite moments in my neighbourhood was when it came to life after a massive dumping of snow. Whether clearing driveways, doing shop-runs or simply just checking in on each other; everyone came together and pitched in. It was a moment that highlighted that a neighbourhood is more than just an area where people live. It is an area where you build meaningful relationships and support one another, as a community. Plus, this was when I was still at school and so a few days off to mess around with my mates in the snow was pretty great!

Where did you grow up?

Other than my time spent at university, I have lived in my current neighbourhood for my entire life. Living in one place for so long has left me with an immensely powerful connection to my neighbourhood and the people in it.

As a child, I would spend a lot of my time at locally held classes. I attended karate classes, swimming classes and scouts with other kids from the neighbourhood. Whilst my karate skills have dwindled over these past years, the friendships built through my neighbourhood and these classes haven’t.

What made you want to work for Nextdoor?

I love technology, social media and being able to connect with the rest of the world, but it’s hard to completely reject the criticisms of the ‘anti-social media’ effect and the Black Mirror-esque dangers that accompany social networking sites. There is a risk that we are becoming too transfixed with social media, at the cost of having genuine interactions with real people. Nextdoor aims to tackle this issue; using technology to stimulate and sustain true and meaningful connections with the people that are around us every day and that is something I want to be a part of.

Favourite moment so far

Not only getting to know the team but getting to know and meet some of our members has been incredible. Also, spending a day with a couple of pigs was as fun as it was bizarre! See more about that day here.

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