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Proven! The social network that is actually good for you

Written by Max Chambers

Nextdoor’s mission is to build stronger and safer neighbourhoods, all over the world. In the UK, we’ve been helping neighbours connect with one another for almost a year now, and over 11,500 neighbourhoods – 45% of the country – already rely on Nextdoor.

Today, the results are in. We’ve been working with a group of experts to assess our impact in the UK to date, and the first ever independent evaluation of Nextdoor was published this morning. It is authored by Eddie Kane, a leading Professor of Mental Health, and has been advised by the UK Government’s former adviser on community cohesion, Dame Louise Casey OBE.

This new research shows that Nextdoor is building ‘social capital’ in neighbourhoods all across the UK. The data shows:

  • While only 17% of the general public stop and talk to their neighbours everyday, 28% of UK Nextdoor members do so
  • While only 38% of the public borrow things or exchange favours with their neighbours at least once a month, 65% of Nextdoor members do so
  • While only 47% of the public report high levels of life satisfaction, 73% of Nextdoor members do so
  • While only 60% of the public generally trust the people in their neighbourhood, 82% of Nextdoor members do so
  • While only 33% of the public feel “very safe” when walking in their neighbourhood after dark, 44% of Nextdoor members do so

The authors conclude that these results are directly related to our members’ use of the platform, and also identify a “broader and striking trend” –  that these effects hold true even in the most deprived areas.

We’ve long known – because we see it everyday – that when neighbours start talking, good things happen. And we’ve believed from the beginning that if you build a social network to to connect people who don’t already know each other, and focus it around neighbourly cooperation and utility, you can bring people together in powerful and profound ways.

But to see the impact so clearly in the data, and to have the endorsement of some of the most respected experts on community cohesion in the UK, is hugely encouraging. It shows that social media doesn’t have to be dominated by divisiveness, fake news or narcissism; it can be a force good in the world.

Above all, the research underlines the importance of simply connecting with our neighbours. So to mark the publication of this new research, we are teaming up with social integration charities Neighbourhood Watch and The Challenge to launch the ‘Nextdoor Neighbour Pledge’.

We want you to pledge to #shareacuppa with a neighbour this August. It takes two minutes to sign-up and will take up an hour or two of your time.

Let’s get past that traditional British reserve and find out a bit more about those who live literally metres from us every day. You might find a friend and even someone you’re happy to leave a spare set of keys with!

Take our Nextdoor Neighbour Pledge today and let’s together start to rebuild our neighbourhoods and communities.

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