Meet the Team

Meet the Team! This week….Roisin

Written by Max Chambers


Roisin is the newest addition to the UK team and is our Community Manager. Welcome, Roisin!

Tell us about your neighbourhood…

I live in Kentish Town and I absolutely love my neighbourhood. I loved it before I used the Nextdoor app but I now feel I know its people and places in a much more connected way. I am impressed and inspired by how my fellow neighbours communicate with one another in a friendly manner to solve problems and discuss key neighbourhood issues.

One of my favourite neighbourhood moments has been connecting with a nearby neighbour to help her collect household items for a refugee. Not only was it fantastic to meet her, but I also had the opportunity to learn how I could help with this kind of thing in the future and on her account, she has been able to get everything she has needed directly from her neighbourhood and without looking too far.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the countryside where I knew my neighbours well and local produce such as strawberries, apples and eggs were regularly left in front of houses to be taken or purchased. I had my parties at village halls and spent most evenings at dance, netball and swimming classes. Lifts to and from classes were shared by the parents, who also came to know and support one another. My brother and I worked in local shops and washed neighbours’ cars for pocket money. Everything I’ve known has come from the communities I’ve been part of and the people I’ve met through them. Even when I’ve lived abroad, communities were always the key that unlocked integration and deepened experience.

After graduating with a degree in Modern Languages and a stint in India, I moved to London where I have been for the last six years. My previous roles have been heading up Service & Operations teams within the Hospitality industry. I’ve always been inspired by travel and exploring new places. For me, hospitality is largely about welcoming and being inviting so it certainly has similarities to community management!

What made you want to work for Nextdoor?

I joined Nextdoor to be part of what I think is an exciting venture bringing technology into communities to help them do what they do best; foster meaningful, helpful and strong connections with their neighbours. There are certainly times where I miss the crashing waves of the beach and the rolling green hedgerows but London is an incredible city that has a lot to offer and even more so now that I have such a connection with my community through Nextdoor.

Favourite Nextdoor moment so far?

Singing ‘Let it Go’ at the top of my voice with the rest of the UK team in a spontaneous signing session. There’s something quite endearing and yet comical about three grown men enjoying the words of an ice princess! Let’s just say the ice has certainly been broken here at the office…

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