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The Nextdoor community is growing!

Written by Nick Lisher

We’re delighted to announce that Nextdoor is teaming up with Streetlife, a local social network that has been operating in the UK for a number of years, and has built a very engaged community of neighbours.

Both Nextdoor and Streetlife have a shared mission to use the power of technology to build stronger, safer and happier local communities. By bringing Nextdoor and Streetlife together, we’re providing everyone in the UK with one, single place where neighbours can talk, share information and get to know one another. Starting today, over 1.5 million Streetlife members are invited to move over and join Nextdoor. We look forward to welcoming them. Please check out our FAQs if you’d like to know more.

It’s only been five months since we launched in the UK. The team here in the UK office has been blown away by the response: the thousands of people in small towns and big cities who have volunteered to start a Nextdoor neighbourhood; the areas where already one in every two households have signed up, making Nextdoor one of the most popular social networks around; and of course, all the amazing possibilities that open up when neighbours have an easy way to connect.

At Nextdoor we believe that when neighbours start talking, good things happen. And when you add all those little conversations up – from the everyday to the extraordinary – you really can build stronger, safer, and happier communities. We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome our newest members to the neighbourhood and we’re excited to see where the conversation takes us next.

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