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You’re Invited! Nextdoor Neighbour Picnics Across the UK

Written by Max Chambers

Here at Nextdoor, we love hearing about get-togethers made possible using our app.

One of our favourite stories from Nextdoor’s beta period this summer came from Gorringe Park in South London. An early adopter of Nextdoor, new to his neighbourhood, wanted to know if there were any street parties happening over the summer. After all, which of us doesn’t secretly love a bit of bunting and a chance to sample the neighbours’ lemon drizzle?

A long-time resident quickly responded, telling him that there hadn’t been a street party in Gorringe Park since the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations, way back in 1977. That’s the thing about us Brits and street parties; we love getting together with our neighbours, but it can often take a big national event – a Royal birth, or even an Olympics – for us to make it happen.

Well, down in Gorringe Park, Nextdoor members realised they didn’t need an excuse to get together. And because they had Nextdoor, they didn’t have to go knocking on strangers’ doors to spread the word. They just put out the call, dusted down the bunting and crossed their fingers that the good weather would hold. Within days, the people of Gorringe Park were breaking the ice with their neighbours, and enjoying their first street party for almost 40 years.

At Nextdoor, we believe that when neighbours start talking, good things happen. This week we formally launched in the UK. And to celebrate the fact that Nextdoor is now available in every neighbourhood in our country – and inspired by the example of Nextdoor Gorringe Park – our local members have teamed up with the Eden Project’s Big Lunch to organise 30 picnics across the UK this weekend. There will be food, drink, games – and maybe even a sack race or two.

You can find the date and time of your largest local picnic below. Whether you’re a member of Nextdoor already or not, we’d love to welcome you and your family along. Your neighbours can’t wait to meet you – and neither can we.

Picnic Locations

Belfast 2pm – 4pm: Ormeau Park – Ormeau Road, Belfast

Birmingham 11am – 1pm: Soda Bread Cafe –  63 St Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1QS

Glasgow 12pm – 3pm: London Ave, G40 3JD – Event will be in play park and grassy area near river in middle of London Ave.

Cardiff 12pm – 3pm:  The Pantmawr Inn – Tyla Teg Pantmawr, CF14 7 Cardiff

London 12pm – 2pm: South Park Gardens, King’s Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 8QW

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