Nextdoor: Moving into the United Kingdom

Written by Nick Lisher

I’m delighted to announce today that Nextdoor, the private social network for you and your neighbours, is now available across the United Kingdom!

Over the summer, we’ve been trialling Nextdoor in the UK and during that period more than 250 neighbourhood communities across England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have been using Nextdoor to find lost cats, borrow ladders, promote local events, organise street clean-ups, share safety tips and simply get to know each other better.

It’s been wonderful and heartwarming to hear how UK neighbours have already been using our platform to create stronger neighbourhoods. For example, members of Nextdoor Gorringe Park in South London held their first street party since the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, nearly 40 years ago. Taking it upon themselves to set up a sharing economy, neighbours in Nextdoor Paddock Wood in Kent have set up a “street market” for swapping their garden vegetables and chicken eggs. In Glasgow, one neighbourhood based around the former Commonwealth Games Village already has 1 in 3 households using Nextdoor.

Neighbourhood adoption across the UK

Neighbourhood adoption across the UK

We’ve heard a great deal in the news recently about divisiveness and uncertainty in our country, but the sense of community displayed by UK neighbours so far on Nextdoor flies in the face of that perception; UK neighbours are yearning to come together to create stronger, safer neighbourhoods.

And to celebrate, this weekend (September 17th / 18th), Nextdoor neighbourhoods are hosting 30 picnics all over the country to toast our launch and share a sarnie or two. Fingers crossed for good weather.

Nextdoor Co-Founder and CEO Nirav Tolia with UK Country Manager, Nick Lisher, and the Founder Member of Nextdoor Clissold Park.

Nextdoor Co-Founder and CEO, Nirav Tolia, with UK Country Manager, Nick Lisher, and the Founding Member of Nextdoor Clissold Park at our launch event today.

I’d like to thank our launch partners The Big Lunch, an initiative that embodies the true potential in sharing food with your neighbours, and The Neighbourhood Watch, who have been helping make neighbourhoods stronger and safer for many a year. We look forward to working with you both, and with the many organisations in the UK who share our global mission. I’d also like to thank our launch team, who have been tirelessly mapping, localising and promoting Nextdoor in readiness for our launch.

So what are you waiting for? There’s so much about your neighbourhood you have yet to discover, and you can begin that journey today by signing up to Nextdoor at, or by downloading our iPhone or Android apps. Your neighbours can’t wait to meet you.

On behalf of the Nextdoor UK Team, welcome to the neighbourhood.

Nick Lisher
Country Manager, Nextdoor UK

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